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All Time Medical Features an Infographic on the Paralympics

Paralympics Infographic

All Time Medical Features an Infographic on the Paralympics

Aiming to educate and inspire, All Time Medical, a one-stop, full service online wheelchair and medical supply company, launches a colorful infographic about the London 2012 Paralympics. From it, readers can glean many informative facts about Paralympics events and its beginnings, plus important points in history.

With its endeavor to provide high quality and affordable medical supplies such as wheelchairs, medical scooters, rollapors and other home medical products to customers 24/7, the company wishes to give inspiration to both differently abled and regular athletes via this infographic, as well.

The Paralympics Games are a major international multi-sport event where athletes with a physical disability compete. This includes athletes with mobility disabilities, amputations, blindness, and cerebral palsy. It was initially known in 1948 as the International Wheelchair Games, a concept credited to German neurologist Dr. Ludwig Guttmann. Fast forward to today, the Paralympics has become one of the world’s most anticipated sporting events.

Laid out neatly and using the colors of the Olympics, the infographic offers helpful facts and figures plus bits of useful trivia about the history of the Paralympics. Some of the exceptional athletes featured in the infographic include Oscar Pistorius AKA The Blade Runner, a double amputee with three gold medals, and Chantal Benoit, a popular participant in women’s wheelchair basketball.

The launch of this useful and entertaining Paralympics infographic from All Time Medical serves to underlines how those with physical disabilities can overcome physical shortcomings and achieve great things that those without any disabilities can sometimes only dream of. Its simple but powerful conclusion serves as challenge to the latter:

“What’s your excuse?”

For inquiries and more information on All Time Medical products and services, customers can call toll-free at 866.406.3099 from Mondays through Thursdays at 9AM-6PM EST, and every Friday from 9AM-3:30PM EST. The company’s online store, , is open 24/7. All purchases are made through a secure server.


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All Time Medical And GREAT Gift Ideas

Last week on this blog we talked about how All Time Medical helps out shoppers by providing the lowest prices on the web for a large selection of their mobility products. Products such as the Drive Medical Duet Transport Wheelchair / Rollator and the Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair are available at at a nearly-unbelievable sales price that is unquestionably the most inexpensive option on the web.

However, offering such low, reliable prices isn’t the only way All Time Medical’s official website helps you out. They also have an entire page dedicated to wonderful gift ideas for those you care about.

While some of these gift ideas are intended for those with mobility issues, such as the Probasics 22 Heavy Duty Transport Chair or the Drive Medical Fly-Lite Transport Chair, there are a plethora of products that would be considered delectably enjoyable by anyone and everyone. Take, for example, the IMAK Products Corp Pain Relief Mask (pictured to the right).

This pain reliever has massaging ergobeads, which provide the area around the eyes with a gentle and soothing weight with a naturally cool feel that enhances effectiveness. It’s ideal for those suffering from migraines and other headache-like symptoms, but is a great gift idea for anyone who simply enjoys relaxing.

The Pain Relief Mask is available for $25.49 through All Time Medical, saving you $12.50 on the typically listed price. And just because it makes for a great gift idea, doesn’t mean we’ll judge if you decide you need to pick one up for yourself as well.

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All Time Medical Offers The Best Prices On The Web

It’s happened to the best of us; you walk by a store, see an item you absolutely MUST have, find yourself displeased with the size of the numbers on the price tag,  buy the item anyway (‘cause like we said, you HAVE to have it), then walk down the block and find the same item available for half the price. How frustrating!

With the development of online shopping, this consumer-frustration was increased. Finding a product on one site, ordering it only to discover it’s available at another site for a noticeably smaller amount of money would drive any e-shopper mad.

Which is why All Time Medical takes such pride when offering a product that is guaranteed to be the LOWEST PRICE ON THE WEB. For example, take the Drive Medical Duet Transport Wheelchair / Rollator pictured on the right.

These wheelchair / rollator combos include the features of a transport chair and a rollator, all in one unit. This allows users to push independently or safely by a care giver. And it also includes the peace of mind knowing that ATM offers the Duet Transport at $135, which is $200 less than the listed price of $335. You’re saving more money than you’d be spending, all while getting the guaranteed lowest price on the web.

Additionally, All Time Medical offers FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING on all orders over $50. So not only are you guaranteeing yourself the lowest price available on the internet, you’re also removing those pesky shipping and handling fees.

Get the equipment you ened, at the best prices in existence, at All Time Medical.

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All Time Medical Extends Scooter / Pool Lift Sale Till May 15th!!

Good things don’t always last forever. But sometimes they last longer than we expected, which is always a pelasant surprise.

And that’s the case with the All Time Medical sale on scooter’s and the aquatic air lift, which has been extended an entire month! Initially the plan was to run the sale through tax day, up till the 15th of April, but due to such an overwhelming response, the sale will continue until May 15th.

For those who might not be aware, “the sale offers $25 off the Drive Medical Bobcat 4 Wheel Compact Scooter, the Drive Medical 4 Wheel Phoenix Scooter, and the Drive Medical 3 Wheel Phoenix Scooter. Additionally, both the three and four wheel Phoenix Scooters come with a brand new tote bag, a $40 value, absolutely free. All you have to do is use the coupon code “facebook25” during checkout for the $25 discount.”

As for the pool lift, the All Time Medical team is offering $100 off of the RMT Fitness aXs Aquatic Pool Lift. This battery-powered pool lift is already available at the ATM website for $1,000 off the basic retail price; now you can get an additionall hundred dollars off as well.

And as we’ve mentioned previously, if you if you Liked All Time Medical on Facebook, you would already know about these incredible saving opportunities. So hurry up and get to it!

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Manual Wheelchairs: The Reasons Why

As we’ve discussed in several different ways here on the All Time Medical blog, if you have an injury or health issue that curtails your ability to move independently, there are a series of different options. From mobility scooters to electric wheelchairs, the list of ways the disabled are able to achieve mobility has never been longer.

However, with all the new devices controlled with just a click of a button or the slightest touch on a joystick, the manual wheelchair is not being given its proper respect. That’s why this week we’re going to focus on some (but not all) of the advantages of the manual wheelchair.

We had a post a few months back specifically discussing the advantages of lightweight wheelchairs (You can view that blog post by clicking here). Manual wheelchairs are typically lightweight, which makes it easy to transport on top of being easy to navigate.

Electric wheelchairs tend to be bulkier (not to mention heavier) which makes them more difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to indoor settings where less room is available. A manual wheelchair is definitely a more reliable option inside the home.

Additionally, the manual wheelchair is typically the least expensive option when it comes to mobility assistance, and at All Time Medical that inexpensive factor is taken to an entirely new level. Check the official website for more details

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It’s 70 Degrees Outside! THAT’S An Excuse To Talk About Pool Lifts!

A little over a month ago we took a break from our ramblings about the difference between three and four wheel mobility scooters, electric vs manual wheelchairs, and other mobility aid related blog posts, to discuss an incredible product currently available at the All Time Medical official website, the RMT Fitness PAL. It seemed like a fitting time to write that post, because it was the first time all year the weather outside was actually above-freezing, and it felt like spring and summer were just around the corner.

What followed was another month of 30-degree temperatures, another 10-inches of snow, and that cold, wet, Groundhog Day feeling.

But hey, it’s 70-degrees in the New York City area today, we’re nearly halfway through April, and we want to focus on it being NICE outside. Can you blame us for that?

People who require mobility aids, especially the aged, tend to shy away from social exercises such as swimming, preventing them from enjoying fun activities that are beneficial both physically and mentally. However, a pool lift changes all that.

A pool lift is a hydraulic pump with the strength to literally pick up the user from the side of the pool and lower the individual into the water. It is both slow and safe, regardless of what brand you’re using. An assistant is required to help operate the lift, however the pool lift itself does allow those with mobility issues to swim and enjoy their pool independently, which as anyone can tell you, is a wonderful feeling in itself.

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Paul Schulte’s Real Life

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HUGE Discounts On All Time Medical Products, Now Till April 15th!!!

A couple of weeks back we put to rest some concerns that people were having about mobility scooters, most notably about how electric scooters and portable mobility scooters have a low turning radius and are made out of lightweight metals, which provides a stable and comfortable riding experience. It’s also worth noting that mobility scooters are highly affordable.

But just because something is already affordable, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t like it to be even more affordable, right?

That’s why we’re pleased to announce that, currently on the All Time Medical official website, you can receive $25 off the Drive Medical Bobcat 4 Wheel Compact Scooter, the Drive Medical 4 Wheel Phoenix Scooter, and the Drive Medical 3 Wheel Phoenix Scooter. Additionally, both the three and four wheel Phoenix Scooters come with a brand new tote bag, a $40 value, absolutely free. All you have to do is use the coupon code “facebook25” during checkout for the $25 discount.

Additionally, All Time Medical is offering $100 off the RMT Fitness aXs Aquatic Pool Lift, a battery powered piece of equipment that All time Medical already offers for $1,000 off the retail price. All you have to do is use the coupon code “facebook100” during checkout, and you’ll save an ADDITIONAL hundred dollars!.

Of course, if you Liked All Time Medical on Facebook, you would already know about these incredible saving opportunities, so we’d highly recommend you hurry up and do that sooner rather than later.

And just a reminder: these coupon codes are only good through April 15th, so don’t wait!

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Pool Lifts and the Physical Advantages To Exercising In Water

A few weeks back (when a brief moment of warm weather tricked us into thinking that summer was just around the corner) we put together a couple of blog posts discussing the benefits, both physical and mental, to having a pool lift and getting yourself back into your swimming pool. Specifically, we discussed how activities such as aquatic exercises are great for the mobility-challenged.

Regardless of whether you have mobility issues or not, there are a series of benefits to exercising and taking part in physical activity while in a swimming pool. These advantages include (but are not limited to):

-Exercising underwater creates less strain on the back, torso, muscles, and joints due to the natural buoyancy.

-The body’s natural flexibility is increased when submerged underwater.

– The body temperature is kept at a constant during and throughout in-pool exercise.

Swimming is a refreshing activity that has been known to rapidly improve an individual’s mood. As we’ve discussed previously, that alone is a worthy benefit to getting a pool lift. The additional physical advantages can be viewed as an additional bonus.

Be sure to check out the tremendous selection of pool lifts and other swimming-related mobility aid materials available at All Time Medical, and get back to enjoying your pool THIS summer.

Assuming, of course, that it ever gets warm enough for us to even consider the idea. (Here’s hoping it’s sooner, rather than later.)

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